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Purchasing Managers,
& Shop Managers !

Are You tired of Suppliers that only know how to ship UPS,
or paying extra charges when You don't have to ?

Or how about when they do ship it and half the product is wrong and the other half is on B/O ?
So, why deal with people who don't know your product line and really don't care about your order ?

Call Pro-Line Fasteners Inc today !

We have over 30 years of experience and product knowledge,
along with Our in-house inventory Manager's Programs that can be customized to fit your needs. Your Orders will be delivered "on-time" and they will be "correct" the 1st time with no B/O's,
which saves You both, Time and Money !!!

We are a full Line Fastener and Hardware Distributor. We supply ILCO Key Blanks, Eaton Weatherhead Hydrolic Hoses and Fittings, Stanley Bostitch Tools and Fasteners, Norseman Drill Bits, MKT. Construction Anchors, Electrical Terminals, Brass Fittings, Hose Clamps, Cable Ties, Batteries, Socket Products, Durham Storage Bins, Wellworth Aerosol Chemicals, and Spray Paints.

If You don't see what You need, We can get it !

When You depend on your line, Call Pro-Line Fasteners Inc today !!!

* Free Delivery in the Triad Area *